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Basically a stay at home true crime detective

Basically a stay at home true crime detective

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These are ready to press transfers, not a completed shirt. 

DTF transfers are very similar to high heat screens. They are super soft and easy to use. They can be used on any color and material. 

Instructions: press at 302 for 10 seconds. COLD PEEL. Repress for 10 seconds with parchment paper on top of your print. 

Sublimation transfers work by dying the fabric and will not leave a texture or raised surface. They do not ever crack or peel. These are NOT Vinyl!! These MUST be pressed on a minimum of 50% polyester blend. 100% polyester works best to get the most vibrant colors. Anything less than 60% polyester will have a vintage or faded look. 
IMPORTANT the shirt/fabric must be a light-colored fabric. NO BLACK fabric. It will not show up! These transfers will not print white! If there is any white in the image it will become the color of the shirt you put the transfer on.

Instructions: press at 400 for 60 second with parchment paper between the garment and on top of transfer to stop the bleed through from the ink. 

YOU MUST have a heat press in order for the transfers to work.
Transfers come with detailed instructions and I am always happy to answer any questions you might have!
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